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February 07 2018

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February 06 2018

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just japan doing japan things
no tentacles this time though
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I say this every time I argue for raising the minimum wage. I never hear anyone else say it and I’m glad I found this.

If you build your business and your bonus on the backs of others who you don’t pay a living wage you don’t deserve to be in business.

this is making capitalists bleed from the ears keep reblogging it

Since I tend to get into this with people who argue that robots will replace minimum wage workers if they get too expensive, I like to lean into the robot metaphor.

If you have a machine performing a valuable talk for your company, the upkeep of that machine is part of your operating cost. You have to pay to power it, to upgrade it, to fix it when it breaks. And if you can’t afford the machine, the manufacturer doesn’t have to do business with you. They’re free to take their service somewhere else where they think the price is fair.

For humans, a living wage is the operating cost. If you can’t afford to pay your worker enough to live nearby, feed themselves, and get basic health care - all of which are things they need in order to be able to work for you - you’re failing to pay for the cost of their service. 

The difference is that humans have to eat, like, all the time, so they often don’t have the option of taking their business somewhere else if the price isn’t fair - even insufficient food and shelter is better then starving on the street. But that means those people are not really able to act as agents in a free market, and it’s easy to exploit them under the guise of “the market setting the price.” People can’t act like reasonable economic agents when they’re desperate. As for as I can tell, that’s the whole point of having a minimum wage. 

Keep reblogging this, it’s making capitalists mad and reaching out to the working class
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comrade stock market

They won’t worry too much about that, they can afford it.

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By Konjyouyaki

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L I F E  ☮M A N T R A

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February 03 2018

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and they wonder why no one likes them


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February 02 2018


February 01 2018

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Just in case anyone forgot I’m one of those obnoxious designer types, here’s some work I done innit #design

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